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We know that deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is one of the most challenging and meaningful decisions you will ever make. We created East2West_WLS as a safe landing place for all things bariatric. Here you will find community, support, encouragement, and personal stories about our weight loss journey. We are here to support YOU, no matter where you are in the bariatric process. 

We have something BIG coming on November 4th and it will redefine what community means for bariatric patients! Join our mailing list to join us on our new adventure! 

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October Trackers!

You can't change what you don't track. It's true. We have to collect data to know that something has changed. Or that data will tell us...

066: Mindset Basics

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September Habit Trackers!

The key to reaching our goals is not the actual goal (I mean...that IS important) but the actions that you will take each day to reach that

Catching up with Katie!

Katie has made amazing progress and is honest about her struggles, stalls, let downs, disappointments. But Katie is a FIGHTER and determined

Our Favorite Resources

These are our favorite resources for all things bariatric. These are the people, books, articles, podcasts, tools, apps, and products that h