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We wanted to create East2West_WLS because we both felt a lack of a singular resource that we could rely on throughout our bariatric experience. When April told her circle of people that she was having VSG, she was *shocked* at the number of people who privately reached out with their own bariatric story. So many people keep this experience intensely private, which means there is a lack of public resources.

So we created East2West_WLS to act as a public repository for all things bariatric. We want to support this community in any way we can in hopes that more and more people understand that bariatric surgery is a medical tool that we can utilize to live our life at a healthy weight. You would not chastise a friend for taking insulin to combat diabetes or mock your uncle for heart valve replacement. Why do we vilify and shame an equally necessary and safe medical procedure? We are over it. And if you are here reading this post, you are too.

Below are our favorite resources for all things bariatric. These are the people, books, articles, podcasts, tools, apps, and products that have added value to our bariatric recovery and post-op lives. This list is always evolving so check back often!

If you would like to add something to our list, send us a message here, through the website, or send us a direct message (DM) on Instagram @east2west_wls.

Medical Professionals

Wendy Rawlings

  • Licensed mental health counselor specializing in bariatric preparation and recovery.

  • Accepts patients nationally

CHI Center for Weight Management- Washington State resource

Our Favorite Reads

The Tastiests Cookbooks

Our Favorite Articles

Our Favorite Podcasts

Our Favorite Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Fun -Foodless- Things To Do!

  • Book a pottery class in your area or seek out a pottery painting studio to try out.

  • Sign up for a "Paint and Sip" event in your hometown.

  • Try out that new gym or fitness studio- many times your first visit is free!

  • Learn something new- have you ever heard of Masterclass?

  • Visit your closest state or national park.

  • Dunk out that space in your home that is driving you NUTS- trust me, you will feel SO GOOD when you are done!

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