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Who We Are

I have had *really* good luck meeting quality people online. I met my husband, Grady, on eHarmony and knew he was "the one" after one date. When COVID shut down our nation, I started hosting virtual bariatric meet-up via Zoom, and Jason was in attendance. He was fresh out of surgery and looking for connections in the bariatric community. He and I hit it off immediately and after one meeting, decided to start a podcast to serve our weight loss surgery community. When you find your people, you know them. Jason and I share the same vision, the same mission, the same heart to support this community with humor, humility, and honesty.

Why humor, humility, and honesty? Because it's who we are.

  • Humor Jason and I can't go more than 5 minutes without cracking jokes or finding something to laugh over. Laughter is a great way to break the ice, find a pathway to deeper conversations, and connect with people. Humor diffuses tension that can often exist in difficult conversations...and any conversation that involves the serious topic of weight loss surgery is difficult. But these conversations are necessary. These conversations are important. These conversations are valuable. So we use humor to soften the edges of these conversations, and the results are priceless. We exist to help people better understand the powerful and, often, the necessary tool that bariatric surgery is.

  • Humility Jason and I do *not* have all the answers. We are not experts in weight loss surgery. We do not hold any medical degrees or certifications. We are not nutritionists, psychologists, therapists, or surgeons. But what we do have are our personal experiences. And we can connect with others and encourage their stories to be shared because we know we might not have the answer, but someone in this community does. Simply, we are here to serve and connect.

  • Honesty For far too many years, Jason and I lived a life of lies. We lied to our loved ones, to our friends, to our colleagues, and ourselves. We lied about our health, about our mental well being, about our addictions and reliance on food, about the fear that lived deep inside our very souls. It was exhausting. It was killing us. We were hoping that eventually, the lies we were told would turn into truths. You know...the tried and true"fake it 'till you make it!" mentality. It turns out you cannot fake your way thin. You cannot lie your way to a healthy weight. When we got honest with ourselves, we could deal with the reality of our situations. And finally, seek the help and gather the tools needed to commit to bariatric surgery. We are tired of wasting our time with lies and deceit, and we do not want to waste your time either. So honesty is what you get what us, always.

How We Support The Bariatric Community and What You Can Find Here

  • The East2West_WLS Podcast

  • The East2West_WLS Vlog

  • The East2West_WLS Blog

  • Community Stories

  • Recommendations and Product Reviews

  • Bariatric-friendly recipes

In short- you will find SUPPORT here. You will discover two humans who are so thankful for their weight loss surgery tool and an army of equally supportive people. You will find community. You will find a safe haven, a soft landing spot, you can rest at along your own bariatric journey.

We are so excited you have joined our journeys and are apart of the bariatric community. Even if you are just in the very beginning stages of exploring your weight loss surgery options, you are apart of this community. Jason and I both talked ourselves out of having VSG for ten years before we actually stepped up to the plate and took our health back. We wish this community existed for us, but it didn't. We decided to create what we knew was needed, a safe place for people to learn about bariatric surgery, honest conversations about all things bariatric, and a community where no questions are to out there, and people are genuinely excited to help.

Welcome to East2West_WLS.


My Stats

  • 39 years old

  • Married, Dog Mom to Stella

  • VSG on July 23, 2019

  • 112 pounds GONE

  • Washington State living

  • Dean of Students and Teacher

My Why

  • -- Tired of losing and finding the same 60 pounds over the last 10 years.

  • -- Every diet, every plan, every system worked...until it didn't.

  • -- I needed something permanent, something big to help me make the changes necessary to live my life at a healthy weight.


The Stats:

44 years old

Married, 3 adult children, 3 granddaughters

VSG on March 3, 2020

149 pounds GONE

Florida living

Marine Insurance Underwriter

My Why:

-- I was tired of having no energy and being sick all the time.

-- I was constantly adjusting medications and yo-yo dieting.

--I needed a tool to help me get past what the diet's couldn't.

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